Sunday, July 12, 2009

A BBC Moment

Scene comes up and the hushed voice of famous BBC wildlife documentary filmmaker David Attenborough says in his plummiest English accent:

"And here, totally unaware of the presence of our camera, we see the rare and magnificent Salvadorus Cattaromppuss at rest on the sun-dappled floor of a suburban deck.

Just look at the majestic spread of whiskers, the relaxed but ever alert ears, the expression of utter bliss. Having dined on his breakfast of Chicken Florentine and eaten the grass spears brought to him by his industrious monkey-slave, there is nothing more to do except doze until the next mealtime.

He may awaken briefly to sharpen his razor-like talons on a tree trunk (or an upholstered ottoman) or to dash up and down his ramp, or perhaps stalk any moth so foolish as to fly into his territory, but these are mere diversions from the serious work of sleeping.

And thus we will creep away and leave the Salvadorus Cattaromppuss to his own devices, and move on to more active species, like the mushrooms in the nearby flower bed."

Scene fades but as this is DBS (Deb's Blog Service) there will be no commercial for youth-restoring creams, magic cleaners or breakfast cereal. Just a gentle zzzzzz as we all nod off on this very lazy Sunday summer afternoon.

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