Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planting Time Begins - Part Two

After looking at the projected maximum temps for the next two weeks, and seeing no days below zero, I decided to be brave as a lion and put tomato seeds into my "Greenhouse".

This morning I drug out the bag of peat pots, the transparent salad containers I'd been saving, and the seeds.

I planted:

  • Eight pots of "Sweet Million", which have done very well for me in the past.
  • Seven pots of "Gardener's Delight". Who knows what these are? Says an indeterminate with "smallish" tomatoes. I'm adventurous.
  • Seven pots of "Tumbler - F1 hybrid" - This is also a variety which has performed well for me in the past.

In the end I could only get two of the three "flats" into the bag greenhouse, so I popped the plastic top from the salad container on the Tumblers and will take it off as soon as they sprout.

Since the seeds I planted yesterday tolerate cool temps well, I can probably put them in a sunny sheltered spot and leave the pickier tomatoes in the greenhouse bag.

Of course I did all this before tackling any housework, so must now get up and clean, do dishes and start dinner in the crockpot. I figured if I cleaned before I'd just have to clean after as I was going to get dirt everywhere in the kitchen anyway. (Well, saying "I was going to get dirt everywhere", makes a good excuse to do gardening before housework. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Oh, and I solved the cat problem by putting the "greenhouse" in the bathtub and closing the shower door. :)

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