Friday, March 27, 2009

Bounce Bounce

Maybe not too high, but high enough so that I could crawl off the heating pad and start a bunch of seeds, then go out into the garden and plant those three Japanese Painted Ferns.

In the "seed department" I planted:

  • Nine peat pots of California Wonder (Bell) Peppers
  • 18 pots of yellow pear tomatoes [first six emerged on April 2]
  • 18 pots of "patio" tomatoes.

The yellow pear tomatoes are vines, (indeterminate) but the patio type are a small determinate (non-staking) type which grows very well in a container. I caved and bought pepper seeds because I love peppers, though I have never in my life had any luck trying to grow them. But peppers grow very well here, so perhaps there is a chance I will get a pepper or two.

Of course there's no way I can use all these tomato plants I have planted, but I plan to give many of them away on "Garden Day" the first week of May.

So, even on a "bad" day I managed to get a bit of gardening in. And that turned it into a "good" day.

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