Friday, June 15, 2007

A Day in Paradise

We keep thinking we died and woke up in paradise. But wait, we still have to do laundry, so that can't be right. If this were paradise our fig leaves would be self-cleaning.

But if it's not paradise it is very close. Right now the cherry trees are heavily laden with deep red, incredibly sweet cherries. It's good that James and Cathy don't come and weigh me every day and charge me by the pound! I pick a bagful, come home, wash them and proceed to eat them.

While I pick cherries I breathe in the scent of the lavender that is blooming so profusely right now. Lavender is my favorite fragrance, delicate, brisk, clean, no heaviness or cloying sweetness.

The last few days have been cool and lovely. We did turn the air conditioner on for about an hour day before yesterday in the late afternoon. It had rained earlier and it was very humid. A few minutes sucking power from the line and our little AC had cooled it down to a very tolerable 80 degrees. We don't really want it any cooler. We are comfortable with 80 - 85. I worked for a lady once who kept her house at 60 degrees. I'd go out into the 100 degree heat and just feel sick.

We went to town yesterday and shopped till we dropped so today we're both a little flat. But, nothing is on fire so there's no rush to do anything. I reorganized that dratted kitchen pantry again. That's an on-going chore. Tony put together the little propane BBQ we bought, so we can grill a steak or a piece of salmon outside on hot days.

Otherwise we are sitting her watching the birds gobble bird seed from the feeder and on the ground below. It's been so much fun to watch the mama and papa sparrows feed their babies and teach them what to eat. One puzzled youngster wasn't quite certain what to do with the unhulled sunflower seed his mama popped into his mouth.

He turned it around and around and around, cocking his head this way and that until he finally determined that he had to get through the hard nasty part to reach the yummy bit inside.

Well, the afternoon is trickling away and I want to go pick some cherries for my afternoon snack, so I am going to post this and go away.

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